How does negotiation on AutoBids work?

Negotiation on AutoBids is available once you win the bid but it does not reach the seller’s minimum requirement. Then you can go to "Buyer Logs" located in the menu on the web or the app.

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How to buy a car

How to buy a car online? You’ve decided to buy a car. Whether this is your first car or the next upgrade, the process of buying a car can be exciting but also overwhelming. Buying a car is likely the second largest expense you will ever make after purchasing a home.

How to take photos of your car

When you are trying to sell a used car online, the most important thing can be the photos you take of the car. Buyers will be looking at your pictures before anything else. Quality car photos bring in more buyers. Learning how to take good photos of your car can be the first step in selling a used car online.

What Are Public Car Auctions?

Find out all about public car auctions. Learn what types of cars are typically sold at car auctions open to the public, and the latest in online car auctions.

What is the win‑o‑meter and how does it work?

Win-o-meter on AutoBids is a meter that shows the buyer how likely they are to win the auction at the current price.

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How much does a car weigh?

Learn how much an average car weighs, the weight based on model, and how to find out what your car weighs. Discover what impact it has on your driving experience.

How to buy a used car at auction

Learn how to buy a car from an online auction with our easy guide. Find out if cars are more affordable and what you should do to prepare for a car auction.

How to buy a used Car

Learn how to buy a car from an online auction with our easy guide. Find out if cars are more affordable and what you should do to prepare for a car auction.

How to get the cheapest car possible

Learn how to find the cheapest car possible through these 5 easy tips. From improving your credit score to purchasing a car online, find out how to get the best value for your money today.

How to jumpstart a car

Find out how to jumpstart a car with a traditional ignition or electric based ignition. Follow these steps to safely hook up jumper cables to jumpstart a vehicle with a flat battery.

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How to paint your car

Find out how to paint your car using spray paint, how to add a ceramic coat to the surface of your car and more. Learn how to prepare your car for quick touch-ups or a complete spray paint.

6 Steps to Successfully Sell Your Car

Selling your car and don’t know where to start? Autobids got you covered! These seven steps will help you successfully understand how to sell a car and turn your car into cash.

How to transfer car ownership

Learn how to transfer a car title to a buyer or family member. Find out what documents you need, how much it costs, and what to look out for.

What is a hybrid car?

Find out what a hybrid car is, the different types, the difference between plug-in and self-charging, and the benefits of purchasing this eco-friendly car.

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Learn what questions to ask when purchasing a used car. Find out important information that will help you make your decision, like how much mileage is on the car, the VIN, and more.

When will used car prices drop?

Find out when used car prices will drop and discover the latest trends in used car sales and external impacts that cause used car prices to decrease.