How does negotiation on AutoBids work?

Negotiation on AutoBids is available once you win the bid but it does not reach the seller’s minimum requirement. Then you can go to "Buyer Logs" located in the menu on the web or the app.


There you will see a button you can use to go to the negotiation page. Now you will have a chance to negotiate with the seller to find a middle ground.


The first offer can’t be rejected so even if the seller does not like the offer, they have to respond to the offer. The buyer and the seller will have 24 hours each turn to respond to the offer. After the initial offer, either the buyer or the seller can accept, reject, or make a counter offer. You can do these with pre-set buttons on the negotiations page. Remember to try to find a middle ground and make reasonable offers. If an offer is rejected the deal closes, the seller can list the car up for auction once again.


Jennifer D'agostino

January 25th, 2022