How to buy a used car at auction

Learn how to buy a car from an online auction with our easy guide. Find out if cars are more affordable and what you should do to prepare for a car auction.
Online auctions are a great way for drivers to find a quality vehicle for an affordable price. But before you decide to take part in a car auction there are few things you should know.

What Are Online Car Auctions?

Online car auctions are an online marketplace where you can bid on cars against other car buyers. You will have to fill out a simple form with your name, email address, and possible phone number. Registering with Autobids will give you access to quality cars for excellent prices.

How Much Cheaper are Cars at Online Auctions?

According to Dealer101, cars sold on online auctions are 20% cheaper than if they were sold at dealerships.

How to Buy a Car at Online Auctions

Before you buy your first car at an online auction, there are certain things you should be aware of and be prepared for. Following the steps below to ensure you have the best experience at your first online auction.

Come Prepared

Do your research before you start bidding on cars. Decide what your budget is, which car and make you want, and have a mileage budget. Find out which platform the auction is taking place on, if you need to download an app on your phone or tablet, or visit the auction via a website.
Here are a few more things you can do before you start bidding:

●  Register with your email and a secure password

●   Make sure you’re on a secure wi-fi network

●  Download the app

●  Have a notepad or document open on your computer for taking notes

●  Keep an open-mind

Start Your Search & Compare Cars Available

This is where note taking will benefits your shopping experience. You can use the search field to filter the results to match your criteria, but before you start bidding, compare those results by price, mileage, book value, transmission type and more. Take note if the car is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO).

Start Bidding

Once you find the cars that you are interested in purchasing, you can start bidding! It’s recommended your first bid selection be lower than your pre-determined budget, this way if someone outbids you, you can counter their bid with a higher price.

Pay for the Car

Once you’ve made the highest bid and the auction is closed, you are now the owner of the car. Pay for your car using your credit card attached to your profile on AutoBids. There is usually a waiting period after you fill out the paper work and the title of the car is transferred to your name.
AutoBids makes buying a used car in an online auction easy and safe. Sign up and start bidding on your next car today!


Jennifer D'agostino

January 23rd, 2022