How to get the cheapest car possible

Buying a car can be a big expense so it is important that you take proper steps to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
Learn how to find the cheapest car possible through these 5 easy tips. From improving your credit score to purchasing a car online, find out how to get the best value for your money today.

5 Ways to Buy the Cheapest Car

There are many steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the cheapest car possible. Find out more below.

Buy at an Online Car Auction

Online auctions are a great alternative to dealerships or private sellers. Cars are sold as is, and are usually offered at a better price than at traditional car selling places. Purchasing a car online is a simple, no-fuss process that allows you to reduce the amount fees that come with buying a car. This will help your bottom line.

Look for the Basics

If you are on a tight budget it is important to understand that you won’t be able to get all the bells and whistles that are available on cars these days. Keeping features basic will help keep costs low and will allow you to afford the car you need. Here are some features that will allow you to keep your budget low

● Manual transmission

● Key ignition

● No rear cameras

● No third party media connectivity

Have an Outstanding Credit Score

One of the most significant parts of purchasing a car is financing and how much interest you’ll be charged. A good credit score is key to reducing those rates. If you don’t have a score of at least 670, it is important that you make steps to improve your rating. The better your rating the less your monthly interest rates will be.

Buy a Car at the Right Time

There are certain times of the year when cars are discounted. The best time of year to purchase a car includes:

● October

● November

● December

When buying a used car, the best time of year is the beginning of the year, because there is usually a surplus in inventory. It is important to take this into consideration when you are shopping for a good deal. Learn more about the best time of year to buy a car here.

Stay Flexible

When you are looking for a car at a discounted price, you must remember to be flexible. It will be difficult to find a good deal if you are stuck on having certain features or a particular colour of the car. Remember that there are things you can do to modify your car after you have purchased it. You can paint it add a stereo, get the seats reupholstered, and more.
When looking for a cheap car it is important to stick to a budget and follow the tips as outlined above. Autobids will help you find your perfect car for a good price and all you have to do is register for a free account. Autobids makes it easy to find a budget-friendly car by allowing you to filter by price, model, years, and more.


Jennifer D'agostino

January 23rd, 2022