How to paint your car

Does your car need a refresh? Did you recently purchase a car and it needs a touchup?
Find out how to paint your car using spray paint, how to add a ceramic coat to the surface of your car and more. Learn how to prepare your car for quick touch-ups or a complete spray paint.
Read more and start refreshing your car today.

What You Need to Paint Your Car

Painting a car isn’t like paining the walls in your home. There are specific tools and paint you need to get the job done.

● Microfibre cloth

● Sanding pads

● Fine-tip paintbrush or spray gun

● Automotive paint

● Automative paint thinner

● Automative lacquer clear coat

● Car polish

How to Touch Up Car Paint

Sometimes your car doesn’t need a complete paint job, but there are some areas that need a little touch up. Thankful this is an easy process, follow the steps to below and your car will look brand new.

Clean the surface of the car

Ensure the car has been recently washed, the before you begin painting spray the car with glass cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly dry the car with a microfibre cloth.

Identify trouble areas

Assess the trouble spots on your car. Mark damage spots with a small piece of masking tape, which will make it easier to identify.

Sand the areas so that it is smooth

ATo prepare the areas, sand them with a 1500 or 2500 grit sandpaper or sanding block. Go over the area immediately around the trouble spots, using short light, strokes. Rub the area with your finger to be sure that it is smooth around the chip.

Clean with pain thinner

Using a cotton swap, rep the sanded area with automative paint thinner. Applying paint thinner not only cleans the area, but it will also help the paint adhere to the car better.

Apply touch-up paint

Use a fine tip brush to apply a base coat that matches the colour of the car. Add the paint to the brush then dab it lightly over the prepped area, using a small amount at a time. Wait for the coat to dry to determine if you need another coat.

Apply lacquer clear coat

Once the base coat has dried completely it needs to be finished with a clear coat. Using a fine tip brush and the same dapping technique as before, apply the clear coat.

Let the touch-up paint cure

Once you are satisfied with the touch-ups, leave the paint to cure for 48 hours.

Polish the paint with a clean rag

Use a car polish compound to give the car that new-paint glossy shine.

How to Spray Paint a Car

Spray painting a car is a cost-effective and easy way to transform the look of your car. However, it is important that you take your time and plan out how you’re going to tackle this paint job. Follow the steps below.

Choose the right location

Spray painting your car requires ample room and a properly ventilated space. Choose a place with minimal dust, and try to avoid residential garages.

Remove any imperfections

Be sure to remove rust, dents and trim before you start painting. Remove any plastic or chrome trim on your car, which can be replaced after the job is complete.

Sand the surface of your car

To ensure your car is ready for a coat of paint you need to make sure the surface of your is smooth. This will not only give a clean smooth surface to your car, but it will help the paint adhere better. Use a 1500 or 2500 grit sandpaper or sanding block.

Clean with diluted alcohol

Using a rag wipe down all surfaces of the vehicle thorough to remove any oil reside.

Apply primer

Use corrosion-resistant and self-etching primer on the surface of your car. Allow the primer to cure for 48 hours, then sand again and wipe down with paint thinner.

Apply first coat of paint

Holding your spray gun approximately 6 inches away from the surface of the vehicle, use side to side motions to apply paint in a thin and even coat. Allow paint to dry before applying a second coat. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply lacquer

Once the car has completely dried apply a thin layer of clear lacquer using the same technique as before. Before the lacquer dries, remove masking tape then allow the clear coat to dry according to manufacturer.


Using circular motions, buff out all painted surfaces. Use a rubbing compound to bring out a glossy shine.

How to Ceramic Coat a Car

Adding a ceramic coat to your car adds a protective layer to the surface of your vehicle. It protects your car from UV rays, dirt, rain, debris, and hail, which can damage and deteriorate the paint on your car. Follow the steps below to apply a ceramic coat to your car.

Clean the surface of your car

Using mild soap clean the surface of your car to ensure there is no dust or dirt on the car.


Give your car one last wipe down by polishing it in with a microfibre cloth.

Clean with diluted alcohol

Use diluted alcohol to clean up any residual polishing oils to ensure the ceramic coating sticks to the car’s surface.

Apply ceramic coating

Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply the ceramic coat to your car.

Let the coating cure

Once you are done applying the coating, let the coating dry or cure. Keep the vehicle in a clean and dry place.

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Jennifer D'agostino

January 23rd, 2022