What Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Making a car purchase is a big decision, so it is important that you get the answers you need before you buy a used car.

Learn what questions to ask when purchasing a used car. Find out important information that will help you make your decision, like how much mileage is on the car, the VIN, the car’s condition, and more.

What is the Condition of the Car?

When you’re buying a used car it is imperative to know what condition of the car is. If you’re looking for something that can be driven off the lot, you’ll want a car that is in excellent condition. When buying a car that has mechanical issues, you will have to be willing to put work into fixing any problems, but usually these cars are sold at a cheaper price than ones in good condition.

Is the Car Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified Pre-Owned or CPO, means that the car has been inspected by trained mechanics, and come with a manufacturer-backed warranty. This means the car should come with no issues and is a low-risk purchase.

How Much Mileage is on the Car?

Mileage on a used car is one of the top concerns of buyers, because the amount of mileage will give you a good idea of the wear and tear on the vehicle. Generally speaking, 12,000 miles per year is an accurate estimate for a car that not bee overdriven.
If you want to know if the used car has a good amount of mileage on it, take 12,000 and multiply it by how many years the car has been on the road. For instance, if the car is 5 years old, an acceptable mileage would be 60,000 miles.

What is the Car’s Title Status?

It is important to know the car’s title status before you purchase it. Every car starts with a clean title status, and can change if there is major damage occurs and is reported by the insurance company. There are four different classifications for car titles:

this means the car hasn’t received any major damage, this is the ideal title to search for when buying used.
this means there’s no financial lien preventing the vehicle from being sold, it is not tied to creditors or parties that could claim ownership.
this means the car has been an accident and has been damaged between 75 - 90% of its value.
this means the car has been reconstructed after being classified as salvage.

What is the VIN of the Car?

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, is a unique code given to every car when it is manufactured. The VIN is17-character string of letters and numbers that provides information about the car including, manufacturing year, country of manufacturing, factory of manufacturer, make and model, and serial number.
Buying a used car isn’t always a transparent experience, but when you’re taking part in AutoBIds online auction, all the important information is right there in the listing. Find out mileage, its title status, VIN number, and condition before you start bidding on the car.


Jennifer D'agostino

January 23rd, 2022